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Fleet Freedom Introduction

Fleet Freedom Version 4 bridges the gap between high value mobile assets and mobile employees. High value mobile assets include vehicles, equipment and fixed assets. Employee management, commonly referred to as MRM or Mobile Resource Management, is a service that allows a company to communicate with mobile employees, manage productivity, provide Dispatch services and provide valuable navigation tools to the employee.

Fleet Freedom has traditionally been an AVL or automated vehicle location services company, specializing in vehicle and mobile phone location services. Starting in 2002, we’ve been tracking and locating mobile employees through Location Based Services and Mobile applications that used in-built location API’s.

Today Fleet Freedom provides completely seamless Fleet Management, Dispatch, Mobile Employee Management & Asset/Equipment Management services. We are the only company to provide all of these services in one easy to use web-based platform.

Vehicle Tracking & Telematics

Our Fleet Management services combine automated vehicle location with Dispatch, Driver ID, vehicle management and maintenance. The Fleet Freedom web portal is used to see current vehicle locations, driver status and tasks assigned or completed. Fleet Managers and Dispatchers can assign new tasks and push those out to mobile employees, communicate with mobile employees, see location based information and efficiently manage daily operations.

Mobile Device Tracking

This valuable service can be used as a stand-alone service and is completely integrated into our Fleet Management service to provide the maximum value to our clients. Our goal is to give employees the necessary tools they need to perform their job functions consistently and reliably, but to also provide Dispatchers and Fleet Managers the ability to communicate with employees, automate dispatch, review tasks completed for the day, re-order and re-assign the days task and provide pain free ad-hoc dispatch. All of this happens while viewing mobile employee and vehicle location through one integrated online portal.

Employees use our mobile application to help manage their daily tasks. Use our punch clock feature, select what vehicle or piece of equipment you are driving and automatically receive all your locations and tasks for the day. Use Fleet Freedom to provide full GPS voice guided turn-by-turn navigation to all your stops to ensure you are always on time. Our GPS Navigation feature fully integrates with Google Navigation to provide traffic avoidance assistance and multiple route choices for the quickest way to your next stop.

Fleet Freedom Mobile
Asset Location Services

Asset Location Services

Fleet Freedom employs a variety of flexible asset tracking devices and technologies to meet and exceed our client’s asset location needs. We help our clients find and manage their valuable mobile assets for the purposes of theft prevention, theft recovery, inventory management and productivity. For valuable assets with no power source, we provide multi-year GPS trackers that are water and weather proof. For powered assets that sometimes sit for long periods of time we provide fully featured water proof devices that have rechargeable batteries and power connections.

Fleet Freedom will send an instant notification if an asset leaves or arrives at a location. We can also start tracking devices more frequently automatically until lost or stolen assets are recovered. Powered asset trackers can record engine hours for payroll and billing verification. There are many flexible and cost effective options to help you manage your business.

Driver ID & Scorecard

Compatible with a Key FOB, our Smart Phone applications and an/or in-vehicle Garmin, this automated tool will display what vehicle or equipment an employee is driving today. Historical data can be run on the employee to determine productivity based on employee. Driver behavioral reports give information on driving habits and styles. Quickly and easily see which employees are currently working to help determine which employees to assign tasks to.

weekly scorecard


A great value added service to Fleet Freedom, this full administration console is available to help set up employees, manage who has access to Fleet Freedom, what they have access to, etc. Employee job functions can be created and assigned. Once new employees are created, you can send requests to download our free mobile app from the Google Play store or iTunes. Run payroll and customer billing reports to assist and automate these manual tasks.

Mobile Site

The way we connect and do our jobs has drastically changed in the past 5 years. Today, we are out of the office on the road, or working from our mobile devices more than ever. Fleet Freedom is fully accessible from any smartphone or tablet. You can manage all your mobile workers and assets from our mobile site. All functions of Fleet Freedom are fully supported in the mobile site.

mobile site preview
Reports Screenshot

Customized Reports

Fleet Freedom has all the templates and basic reports one would need to get started. Use our report builder tool to quickly and easily build your own report with all the attributes that are important to your business and you now have your own, completely customized report with only the results that impact your business. Reports are simple, customizable, support playback function and will run automatically on a schedule that you can create.



Improve driver safety, reduce accidents and fatalities with Fleet Freedom HOS. A simply, easy to use tool for your drivers and your back office. Completely integrated into all Fleet Freedom services. Fleet Freedom HOS uses next generation JBUS/OBDII Low Energy Bluetooth technology. The mobile app is compatible with all Google Play connected Android phones and tablets as well as ios handsets and tablets. First time users will set their vehicle profile and US or Canada legislation settings. Driver’s start their day by completing a pre-trip inspection and change their status to On Duty Driving. Throughout their driving shift, drivers can change their status in the app to On Duty Not Driving, Off Duty, Off Duty Sleeping. Full support for Co-Drivers is supported. In app notifications provide alerts for upcoming shift changes and upcoming exceptions. Full 7 and 14 day cycle daily graphs are available in the app for roadside viewing. All data is automatically synchronized with Fleet Freedom enabling the back office to see HOS reports, receive exception notifications and driver status changes.

Maintenance Schedule


Create maintenance events automatically for your entire fleet with a few mouse clicks. Set up schedule in minutes, not hours or days, and let us notify you when maintenance is due. We automatically tell you 2 weeks before a maintenance event is due, providing much needed notice to schedule vehicles in for service. Recurring events mean you’ll never miss a key service on any of your vehicles or equipment.

Developer API

What is an API? It’s an Application Protocol Interface. It is the instruction set to interface our platform with any other software application out there. What’s unique about ours? It covers every single feature listed in this document. It’s a complete service unto itself. Anything that you can do with a keyboard, mouse, or spreadsheet in our application, can be done automatically through our API.

To find out more, visit our developers page.