Announcing Fleet Freedom's new V4 fleet and mobile resource management application! With the introduction of V4, Fleet Freedom is the first company to successfully integrate a Fleet, Dispatch and Mobile Resource Management product into a single mapped interface. This flexible application works on Android, iOS and Magellan's RoadMate® Commercial devices. Fleet Freedom Version 4 has all the great features of Version 3, with a whole suite of upgrades and new additions. Here are a few of our exciting new features:
    Punch Clock – The new Fleet Freedom Mobile app & Magellan features enable employees to punch in and out of work. This means you can see who is currently on shift and working so dispatchers only assign work to people on shift. In addition, you can now run payroll reports from Fleet Freedom.
  • Dispatch – After punching in on their device, your employee will automatically receive all their tasks for the day. When they choose a task, the GPS will navigate to the destination. Fleet Managers and Dispatchers will see which tasks have been completed in Fleet Freedom.
  • Driver Identification – Fleet Freedom can now show which employee is driving each vehicle every day. This is accomplished by the employee punching in and out on the Android, iOS apps or Magellan device in the vehicle.
  • Magellan® – Magellan® provides full commercial support with its Commercial line of Navigation devices. Receive dispatches from Fleet Freedom, Driver ID, Punch Clock and Task delivery/completion. This is a great alternative to using a Smart Phone, as well as managing data and roaming costs.
  • Trucking Routes – Magellan® RoadMate® Commercial devices, used with Fleet Freedom, will customize the best route based on the vehicle's height, width, length and weight.
  • Places – A simplified tool to map and reference important locations. This industry first feature combines radial & polygonal locations that have a hybrid functionality.
  • Mobile Optimized – The site can be managed from any smartphone or tablet web browser. Run reports, assign dispatch tasks and see vehicle + employee location all on the go.
  • What happened here – A quick, easy way to see which assets were at a location and when. This saves additional time by not having to run a report to see if a site was visited, a street was serviced, etc. This feature works without having to store locations or zones beforehand.
  • Images – This great dispatch aid allows you to upload images of your employees so they are more easily identifiable in our system. When a vehicle or asset arrives at a location, the Google Street View image is displayed to give you a visual frame of reference regarding that location.
V4's Beta will launch May 4th, 2015 and will last approximately 3 months. We will be making many changes to perfect our service throughout the Beta period. Please be advised: not all of our great, new features will be available immediately, but our regular updates will quickly integrate them into the new V4 service. When you're ready to switch, use the V4 migration tool to set up your new account in V4. To help you get comfortable with Version 4, we've loaded our website with tons of handy how-to's and instructional videos. Let us know what you think! Your feedback is invaluable. If you come across any bugs, please email: For any of your questions, comments or concerns, please email or speak to one of our customer service reps at: 1 (866) 787-2548, ext 2. Our call center is open from 9am-5PM EST, Monday to Friday.