At this year's Super Mobility Week conference, Fleet Freedom debuts a new fleet and mobile resource management application. This flexible application works on Android, iOS and Magellan's RoadMate Commercial devices. Fleet Freedom is the first company to put together a Fleet, Dispatch and Mobile Resource Management product integrated into one service in a single mapped interface. Fleet Freedom helps businesses manage their mobile fleet, mobile employees, dispatch and high value assets. Using a Magellan RoadMate, Android or iOS device, businesses can now manage and assist their field employees in a whole new way by:
  • Hours of Service & Punch Clock – Employees can automate hours of service. Dispatchers and Fleet Managers can see who is on shift, on break and off shift.
  • Driver Identification – Fleet Freedom will dynamically show which employee is driving which vehicle each day.
  • Dispatch – After punching in on their device, the employee will automatically have all their tasks for the day. When they choose a task, the GPS will navigate to the destination.
  • Trucking Routes – Magellan RoadMate Commercial devices, used with Fleet Freedom, will customize the route based on the vehicle’s height, width, length and weight.
  • Application – Fleet Freedom show’s vehicle locations, employee status, tasks assigned and completed. Customized historical reports can show employee productivity, vehicle utilization, fuel tax data and much more.
"We have always aimed to provide the business community with relevant, simple and easy to use GPS location based services. In partnership with Magellan we've taken it to the next level by anticipating what the customers' needs are today and what they will be in the near future. We are proud to be the first to provide an all one dynamic mobile management platform before our clients even know they need it." Andrew Singer, General Manager, Fleet Freedom. About Trak-iT Wireless Inc. DBA Fleet Freedom™ Fleet Freedom™ is one of the leading providers of solutions in the Automated Location and Fleet Management industry. Fleet Freedom provides the services and applications that businesses need to be more productive by consistently introducing new wireless platforms that will shape the future and change the way people do business.