With the launch of Fleet Freedom Version 4 last year, our clients are now able to see which employee is driving which vehicle. Clients can run reports on driver behaviors and productivity. Up until today, we have provided this functionality with Smartphone application pairing and through use of a connected Garmin device. To increase the flexibility of how our clients deploy solutions, we've now added a third option with GenX hardware. The iButton is a simply, easy to use key fob that each driver will carry. When they get into a vehicle, or start using some equipment, a simply tap with the key fob to the reader is all that is needed. Fleet Freedom automatically pairs that employee to the vehicle or equipment for the day. This is a great alternative for employees without a Smartphone or who do not use a Garmin device. For more information, or to request a product demonstration, please use our contact us page. Thank you very much, and have a great day!